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Intel Youth Enterprise Ideation Camp

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Sep 08 2014
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Tullamore Lions Club has teamed up with global giant Intel to run a two day Innovation Camp on Tuesday March 20th and Wednesday March 21st 2012 in the Tullamore Court Hotel. The idea of the Camp is to inspire students in the Tullamore area to get excited about innovation and entrepreneurship. The Camp will give them a completely new experience that will help focus them on the entrepreneurial mindset methodology. The goal of the Innovation Camp is to train each student’s creative mindset, inspire them to be great entrepreneurs and find solutions to today’s many problems that both they and society will face.

The centrepiece of the Camp is a challenging case study which will be given to the students at the start of day one. Over the two days, the students will be taken through a six stage process which will help them solve the many problems that the case study presents with the students divided into teams of seven. At the end of the second day, each team will have a final prototype of their idea/invention that they will then pitch to our panel of specially selected judges and an overall winner announced.

The six step process being used has been thoroughly tested by participants in several countries and approved by leading professors in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our aim is to help students understand that they can build their own destiny and the Innovation Camp will show them how they can achieve this. Poor job prospects and lack of opportunities do not have to be their lot when the finish school or college.
This camp will demonstrate to the students that innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities are very much out there for them if they have the correct creative mindset and use a proven successful approach.

The two days will show these students how they can approach problems and challenges and then with the use of technology, how to create an idea or a product that can solve these problems. The students of today will shape all our futures. We must help them and give them the opportunities to use their considerable abilities and imagination to shape for the better the world of tomorrow. This Camp will give them a great chance to do just that.

The process that is being used in Tullamore was originally designed by Henrik Scheel of Sputnik 5 which is a company based in the Silicon Valley in California. Henrik is actually being brought in from California to be the Master Facilitator for the Tullamore Camp. Intel has worked closely with Henrik and together they have run these 2 day camps in India, Jordan, Denmark and Kilkenny. The camp in Tullamore however will be by far the biggest held yet with over two hundred students from four Secondary schools being involved. Tullamore is also the first camp that an entity such as a Lions Club have been brought on board to help co-run. Tullamore Lions Club is hoping that other Clubs in Ireland and perhaps internationally might run these camps for the students in their own areas and help improve the quality of life for many people. This is also the long term aim of Intel also.

This very ambitious project that Tullamore Lions club have taken on board is a very positive story that needs to get out to all students to give them hope for the future in these very difficult times. The Lions International President, Dr Tams launched the Tullamore Innovation Camp in Carton House on Saturday March 10th and this will give us great International coverage. View the Photos Here.

If your club would like to run this camp with students in your area we would be only too happy to assist you to make this happen. We feel that it would be of great benefit to the students in your area, the schools are only too happy to get behind this project and it gives a great link between the youth of your area and your Club. This link is often missing in a lot of areas and if you run this camp it will be super for the profile of your Club. Intel is happy to provide the materials it will take to run the camp. They are also running a Train The Trainer course in their headquarters in Leixlip on Saturday 24th March. This course will be run by Henrik Scheel who devised the whole concept. This training course will teach each participating club how to run this 2 day camp. If you would like to participate you can contact Paul Bell @ paulbell32@hotmail.com or @ 0879778225. There is no costs involved in doing this course and we will give you times etc if your Club registers to do it. All Clubs are also very welcome to come and see how the camp runs in Tullamore from 20-21 March. WE GENUINELY FEEL THAT AS MANY CLUBS AS POSSIBLE SHOULD STRONGLY CONSIDER RUNNING THIS INNOVATION CAMP IN YOUR AREA. WE OWE IT TO THE YOUTH OF TODAY TO GIVE THEM HOPE FOR THEIR FUTURES.

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